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“This website is established to support Gamo traditional weavers who produce beautiful weaving products highly acclaimed as one of the heritages of the country.The Gamo weavers who are also known as the Dorze being called with one of 42 geographic units of Gamo highlands where weaving centers industriously produce most of the intricate handmade clothes in Addis Ababa which are one of the tourist attractions.However, the Gamo Weavers are socially and economically marginalized just because of the occupation.Though weaving is highly esteemed business for the Gamo people, it is culturally despised activity amongst the other societies in Ethiopia.This situation has psychologically impacted theGamo Weavers forcing for self-underestimation. Economically speaking the Gamo weavers obtain very meager income from the market of their products even though there is high demand and sales values per product is very high.Usually the market for weaving products is unfair in which there are multi-level brokers and intermediaries who obtain the lion share of the income from the sales without a significant value addition.Some studies mention that more than 70%of income from piece of a weaving product accrues to the intermediaries.The low level of income being obtained from weaving has compelled the traditionally skillful weavers to evacuate from the weaving occupation and to engage in activities such as security guards and daily laborers.

The situation of weaving community demands creation of platforms through which weavers can access fair market for their products.This website is destined serving the weavers to have better market opportunities.”

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